Finance and Budget Committee


  1. Work with the Treasurer in preparing the Budget of the Society.
  2. Maintain all records pertaining to budget requests from the Society’s Office, Officers and Directors and all Committees.
  3. Report to the Board of Directors any action taken by the committee on budget requests.
  4. Solicit budget requests on a timely basis so that a proposed new budget can be presented to the Board of Directors prior to the new fiscal year.
  5. Prepare longe range fiscal plans for the Society.
  6. Respond to any correspondence within a reasonable length of time.
  7. Prepare a report for the Annual Statement with the prescribed time limits.
  8. Travel, as needed, to review budget requests with the Vice President and the Treasurer.
  9. Review the Standard Operating Procedures each year to determine if an changes are needed.
  10. Send Copies to all Officers and Directors of all correspondence sent.
  11.  Work with all committees regarding short range and long range financial needs.